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I’SOME Fashion was founded in december 2014 by Petra Beil.

The artists, who were selected come from countries including Canada, Hungary, the Philippines, and also the Netherlands. All of them distinguish themselves in their designs by their often surrealistic, composite pictures, from photography to painting.

Petra Beil: “The idea is that you can choose the art that suits you, because the artists each have a different style. So you can get yourself seen by displaying works of art.”

Victoria Koblenko is the face of the new ‘slow fashion’ brand. The aim is to expand the women’s fashion label in the future, with other fashion items in alongside the line of T-shirts. They work together with artists all over the world.

Victoria Koblenko: “I like new creative initiatives that are related to sustainability. I’SOME Fashion is that type of initiative, it is idiosyncratic, rock & roll and classy at the same time, and shows that sustainability can also be supercool’’. Victoria has created with one of the artists, Joey Holthaus, allied to I’SOME Fashion, her own organic t-shirline with 3 different illustrations. Exclusive for sale in the I’SOME Fashion webshop.


Behind the scenes

Quality is very important for I’SOME Fashion. Due to the printing process, the ink penetrates deep into the fibres of the fabric instead of lying on the surface of the fabric. This will enable you to enjoy your print much longer.

The print is processed in a way that it has a soft slightly faded, subtle look. This is part of the concept. The fabric is first impregnated and then the design is printed on it. After that, the fabric passes through a steam machine and the fabric is washed and ironed.

Then, the fabric is brought to a sewing shop to make it an I’SOME Fashion designed t-shirt model. The production takes place in Europe under good working conditions.


Meet the team

Petra Beil